A Franchise Website Is a fully configured Turnkey Stand Alone ecommerce Website   installed for you on 5 Independent Domains.

  1. We host your Website and handle all maintenance and support entirely on  a Subscription Basis. Nothing on the Internet compares to Your Franchise Website.
  2. We Install your (completely designed and ready to do business on the internet ) Franchise Website .
  3. A Technical Team supports your website 24/7. This includes a Full-Service Marketing Infrastructure designed to deliver traffic directly to each Website.


Your Subscription includes Everything. Yes, that's right, Everything is handled for you, fully configured and designed website and supported by a full marketing network. All Domains are promoted widely and they are rotated on our Marketing Network 24/7 to deliver traffic to your website.


Your Subscription includes Web Hosting, Unlimited Bandwidth, Website Maintenance, Site Upgrades and Customer Support. A similar service will cost thousands of dollars, and take months to launch. Your Turnkey website can be up and running in the next few minutes.




We earned the PayPal World Seller Status, Franchise Website Owners Worldwide retailing Products and Services through The Home Based Franchise Website Concept. You earn 100% of the Retail Value paid directly by Your customer to  You (The Franchise Owner).

Your Franchise Website is a Fully Installed Turnkey Business Website, completely automated to start earning you 100% of the Full Retail Value for all Products and Services.

Your Franchise Website also includes the installation of 4 Branch Locations, located on unique domains to maximize your sales potential.



 Your Franchise Website is not a Multi Level Network. There are no sponsorships, uplines, downlines or residual income involved. You do not receive commissions from us .

This is a true Retail / Service Business. You are paid Directly by Your Customers, and you keep 100% of The Full Retail Value. Your Franchise Website is not a Get Rich Quick Program. You will achieve Financial Success through the Sales of Products and Services retailed directly through The Franchise Website.

We do not get involved in paying you affiliation fees, commissions or residual income. Your Franchise Website is NOT A PYRAMID PROGRAM or a Randomizer. Your Earnings are directly related to the retail sales of products and services offered through the Franchise Website


  You are paid directly by your customers, and you take home 100% of The Retail Value as Profit. Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy.  



Your Subscription covers the cost of installing your Franchise Website, Bandwidth, Maintenance and upgrading of your Franchise Website, Providing support to your customers and delivering the services and products on your behalf to your customers.


    • 1) We have seven thousand (7,000) Franchise Website Owners operating their Retail Business with our Turnkey Website.
  • 2) The minute your Franchise Website is installed, your customers pay you 100% of the retail vaue directly to your paypal, stormpay or payaah account. You get the money immediately, no waiting for your money ever.
  • 3) Your Franchise Website delivers all Products online, you are paid and your customers get their products or services directly online.


      Everthing is done with you the owner of your Franchise Website getting paid immediately, and YOU completely involved in the entire process.




Do NOT  Waste Your Time on any Home Based Business unless it meets the following  critical criteria



There is a lot of confusion surrounding owning your online business. I want to give you 2 critical criterias you absolutely, positively must have before you committ your valuable Time and Money

  • 1) You are paid directly by your customers.
  • 2) You are paid 100% of the Full Retail Value.



Think About It, Go to any store as a customer.  You pay the owner the full 100% Retail value for anything you buy from the store. Therefore if you are the owner of a business, the customers must pay you 100% of the retail value. Anything else, you are not in business for yourself.






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  YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  More than 24 million people are working out of their hoyou are not alone operating a franchisemes and loving iq option every minute of it. They are making more money working less hours  than a regular job. While business and government are shipping millions of  jobs out, millions of unemployed workers are turning to the i q option internet to establish their online business for more income, less working hours and the independence and increased self esteem that is natural with their achievement. The World Largest online Business Franchise makes this even easier with a Turnkey Franchise Website Ownership Program that gets you live and online earning your income now. Your Franchise is Packed with 4 of The Hottest Selling Products on the iq option platform internet.  

A Franchise Website owner wrote to us with this ...franchise for the whole family

I am one of the owners of a Safemail Franchise which I purchased 11 days ago. I have made $ 646.00 (net) in that time. I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for running a first rate operation with great support. I am the Owner of The Online Detective Safelist and coordinator of 15 other MPN Partner lists on the net. As a safelist owner, I appreciate the quality and service of you list and just wanted to give you the accolades you deserve.


Nothing Else To Do nothing else to do, your franchise works 24/7 for you
Simply promote your Franchise Website business and collect your money.It is easy to be successful with the World's Largest Business Franchise. We removed all the administrative hassles, leaving you completely free to promote your business and be successful in the shortest period of time.

  Don't take our word for it.  
Listen to what our customers say.


From Tracy

our customer saysSince I have been a franchise owner of Optin Safemail I have made more money than any other internet business venture I have attempted. The first month I had over 100 active subscribers and paying the monthly franchise free is so easy when people are subscribing every day. This has to be the biggest safelist in the world and no other safelist will ever be able to compete with Optin Safemail.


Tracy Steven Lahr



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